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Environmental Policy

AEROMEC, a reference Company in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft and components, has an Environmental Management System implemented based on the NP EN ISO 14001 Standard. AEROMEC is committed through the implementation of this System to follow the best practices and legal requirements managing continuously all environmental aspects, risks and emergencies.

AEROMEC is really driven to provide services of excellence with enhanced Customer focus following its policy of innovation, continuous improvement and protection of the environment.

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It’s AEROMEC’s employees obligation to:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation requirements;
  • Identify, control and minimize all environmental risks and impacts, as well as to establish a precautionary approach, protecting the Environment and preventing pollution;
  • Promote the use of efficient and sustainable natural resources;
  • Manage properly the waste produced by AEROMEC´s activities privileging prevention and valorization;
  • Improve continuously the Environmental Management System taking into consideration the life cycle perspective;
  • Raise the awareness through continuous communication and effective training sessions on Environmental Management System;

Quality and Safety Requirements

Quality and Safety requirements are the core priorities taken into consideration in all our activities, contributing to the Excellency and sustainable success of our business operations, assuring the highest quality and safety levels at all times, thus increasing the trust and loyalty of our Customers and Partners.

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The Corporate Management has the responsibility to achieve all established objectives bearing in mind at all times the quality and safety aviation stringent standards and regulations, through the implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS) with defined principles and procedures and the development and training of all employees. The implementation of a continuous improvement Lean Program is also paramount for the Organization to be more effective in the search for Excellence.

The QMS effectiveness is assured by the Management through the:

  • Supervision of the compliance with the procedures stated in the QMS manual by all employees;
  • Conduct of regular QMS reviews;
  • Accomplishment of the defined Quality levels and Standards.

Customer Focus and Satisfaction is achieved through the:

  • Awareness and communication of Customers/Partners contractual requirements to all accountable people in order to fully comply with their expectations and satisfaction levels;
  • Use of detailed planning tools allowing the right resources allocation required to accomplish successfully the commitments with our Customers and Partners;
  • Accomplishment of agreed delivery products/services lead times, by measuring the desired targets and developing the proper actions to correct any deviations;
  • Promptly analysis and timely response to Customer’s complaints;
  • Implementation of a rigorous dedicated Training Program to all employees.


AEROMEC’s Corporate Management has established stringent criteria for the fulfilment of all procedures and applicable standards, in the pursuit of a Brand of Excellence, recognized by the Customers and Partners, upon the quality of the services rendered by all AEROMEC’s employees.

Quality and Safety requirements are always present in AEROMEC’s Certifications, which are fundamental tools to promote Customer’s and employee’s satisfaction, evidencing that all processes are designed and properly adequate for the provision of services as per the agreed scope.

In this regard, AEROMEC’s Corporate Management undertakes to:

  • Provide all means required to all employees to comply with the applicable standards and regulations namely the Quality and Safety standards;
  • Disseminate the QMS requirements through all employees and to permanently motivate the ongoing training and personal development;
  • Promote the good practice of incidents / errors free flow reporting during maintenance actions, searching at all times for the root cause of such errors;
  • Prepare the Company to the market challenges and demands, searching for innovative solutions;
  • Implement and encourage a culture of continuous improvement and satisfaction to all employees, but always keeping the Quality and Safety as the cornerstones of our activity;
  • Conduct internal Programs to assure the compliance of Health, Safety and Hygiene principles at work;
  • Promote the close collaboration and coordination of all employees with the Quality Auditors.

Quality and Safety Policy (QSP) implementation

The QSP implemented is reviewed wherever external or internal circumstances changes.

Quality and Safety Policy Communication

To assure an effective QSP communication its principles are shared among all employees in electronic format and printed in strategic places inside the Company.

Safety Policy Communication

The Safety Policy included in the Company´s QPS is equally defined in the “Safety, Security and Fire Protection” manual, available electronically and subjected to training actions periodically to all employees.

Functions, Responsibilities and Organizational Authorities

AEROMEC has clearly defined rules, responsibilities and competences for each employee, as well as their mission and function profile statement. The functions are revised whenever necessary, reflecting the changes in the company. Each employee has to sign his / her “Functions Specifications document”.

Responsible Director “Accountable Manager”

Each Accountable Responsible is defined in the Organizational Chart.

Head of Quality “Quality Manager”

The Head of Quality reports directly to the Company’s President.